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City lights and busy traffic

The vibrant and chaotic city of Bangkok marked the final stop on our summer 2013 around-the-world tour and I’m happy to be able to share the photos I took there today.  Although Jon and I had just been to Koh Samui, Thailand, a year earlier (and flew through Bangkok), this was my first opportunity to actually experience the city.  We only stayed a few days but took in a good dose of the culture, food, temples, markets, heat, and traffic jams—everything that is Bangkok.

Having just left Paris, which was calm, cool, and quiet by comparison, landing in Bangkok sent a jolt of energy to our systems and opened up a whole new set of photographic opportunities.  The thing I like most about big, “always on” cities like Bangkok is that there’s so much going on after the sun goes down that you can walk around at night and just let the glowing street lights be your subject.  Bangkok is great for this as well as being a canvas primed for extraordinary patterns and textures during the day.

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