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Prawn-stuffed zucchini flower with crunchy peas and XO sauce

During our last trip to Paris, our final meal was at the one-Michelin-starred Yam’Tcha, and I’m happy to be able to share those photos today.

Unique to Paris, but certainly welcome, Yam’Tcha features French-inspired cuisine married with Asian flavors. Chef Grattard, a French native, studied at L’Astrance in Paris and Bo Innovation in Hong Kong. Both are famed Michelin-starred restaurants, but serve completely different cuisines. The idea for Yam’Tcha, which translates to “the hour of tea,” came to Grattard and Chinese husband Chi Wah Chan while working in Hong Kong. True to the restaurant’s name you can opt for a tea pairing in lieu of the traditional wine pairing, which we thought was a nice touch and one of the many examples of just how well the Western and Asian influences came together.

As fans of both French and Asian cuisine, Jon and I thought the combination of tastes and techniques was incredible. Each dish that came out of the surprisingly small kitchen was better than the last! We loved the intimate, 20-seat dining room and were lucky enough to have window seats into the kitchen to watch all the culinary magic. The overall atmosphere was comfortable and cozy. Yam’Tcha immediately became one of our favorite Parisian restaurants and one that I know we’ll visit again in the future.

Coming up next: photos from Bangkok, the final stop on our 2013 around-the-world tour. In the meantime, let me know what you think of Yam’Tcha in the comments below!

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