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Rainbow trout with grilled spring onion and a green garlic dashi, Atera

My first time in New York City would not have been complete without checking out the fine-dining scene! Jon and I had the pleasure of dining at the two-Michelin-starred Atera on our first night in town over a quick, Memorial Day weekend trip to the Big Apple. Atera is located in Tribeca and serves 18 guests in an intimate environment seated around the prep kitchen. We love this type of setup because it’s so entertaining to watch the line chefs put together their array of intricate dishes over the course of 2-and-a-half hours. The modern American menu focused on fresh seafood and locally-grown seasonal herbs, flowers, and vegetables; every bite of the 18-course feast was delicious and presented with a unique rustic elegance. We loved talking to our friendly captain, who we learned is also interested in photography when he saw my camera. All-in-all, it was a terrific dining experience and a perfect welcome to New York!

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Do you have a favorite New York City restaurant? I’d love to hear your recommendations in case I get a chance to go back! Let me know in the comments below.

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