Royalty-free images for your project.

Royalty-free, perpetual licenses for a selection of my more popular travel and food photographs are available exclusively at Getty Images. Getty licenses include: global use rights, unlimited print runs and digital impressions, comprehensive protection, volume discounts, and a market-freeze option.

For images not available on Getty...

Licenses for images found in the galleries that are not found on Getty may be purchased by contacting me directly. Royalty-free rights granted for direct-purchased licenses are similar to those granted by Getty: perpetual (no expiration), worldwide, unlimited, any and all media, and non-exclusive (others may license the same image for their work). Three image sizes are available, prices as marked per image:

0.5 megapixel
0.5 megapixel

Perfect size for supplemental web images (e.g.: 860×570 pixels).

3 megapixels
3 megapixels

Best for hero or full-screen images on the web (e.g.: 2100×1400 pixels).


Highest quality for printing (12–46 megapixels depending on the image).

Licenses carry the following restrictions:

  • The image cannot be used standalone and you may not give access for others to use the image itself apart from the project or end use.
  • You may not claim that the image is your own work.
  • The image may not be used in "on demand" products (i.e., made available for a third party to select to print on t-shirts, calendars, posters, digital wallpapers, etc.) including the sale of such products through custom design websites.
  • The image may not be redistributed through an electronic template.
  • The image may not be used in a logo.
  • Images used for editorial purposes must be accompanied by the photo credit: "Jason Waltman".
The licensee is responsible for proper commercial or editorial use. Some images may require a model or property release to be used commercially. Images used in an editorial context must not be altered. Jason Waltman is not liable for improper use of images.

The copyright of all licensed photographs remains with Jason Waltman.