Royalty-Free Stock Photos

Purchase a worldwide, all-media usage license with no expiration date, royalty-free, for a selection of my most popular travel photos exclusively from Getty Images. Licenses for my images on Getty Images are only available through Getty and have never been sold through another agency. For those interested in exclusive use for a particular image, contact Getty Images directly.

Standard License




$34 - $49

$99 - $149

$149 - $249

1800px on long edge

2400px on long edge

Full resolution image

25" @ 72 dpi

16.6" @ 144 dpi

10"-20" @ 300 dpi

Worldwide Usage

Worldwide Usage

Worldwide Usage

Unlimited Media Types

Unlimited Media Types

Unlimited Media Types

Extended License Add-Ons

  • Multi-seat + $99

    If multiple members of a team within the same organization need access to a licensed image, a multi-seat extended license is required.


  • Unlimited Print & Digital Run + $299

    If any physical print run requires more than 500,000 copies, an Extended License is required. This includes advertising, marketing and promotional materials, newspapers, magazines, books or product packaging. Digital impressions in excess of 1,000,000 require an extended license and includes video, TV & cinema, software & applications, and electronic documents.


  • Products for Resale + $499

    Items for resale require an extended license and include posters, wall art, postcards, mugs, t-shirts, on-demand print products, etc., and digital templates for resale including website templates, brochure design templates, e-greeting cards, etc.


  • Extended Legal Warranty + $199

    All licensed images come with a $10,000 indemnification for legal coverage. When the imagery is used within the terms of our license agreement, we warrant that the image will not infringe on any copyright, trademark or other intellectual property right or violate any right of privacy or publicity. An Extended License increases that coverage to $250,000.


Selection of images available for licensing on Getty Images

Photos by Jason Waltman available at Getty Images

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Can't find what you want at Getty? Contact me directly to license any photo in the galleries here for the same price under similar terms. (Note: licenses of images found on Getty Images must be purchased through Getty Images.)